This September, join us in celebrating HONOR WEEK as we show our appreciation for those who make Clarksville a safe place to live, work, and play. During the week leading up to 9/11, we will honor, encourage, and remember our veterans, first responders, and all who put themselves in harm’s way to serve others.

Monday, Sept 9 – Family Honor Day

Help restore patriotism and a spirit of selfless service this year by inviting families to participate in Family Honor Day. Simply download an Honor Week children’s activity packet at and teach the next generation to love America as much as you do. Get your child’s school, Sunday school class or even soccer team together for a fun filled reminder of the important role our first responders and veterans play in our nation.  

Wednesday, Sept 11 – Honor Week Luncheon Clarksville

The Honor Week Luncheon brings corporate and community leaders together to honor remarkable moments of bravery and sacrifice in our community. We’ll hear from our keynote speaker, Army Ranger Steven Elliott and will award the first annual “Extraordinary Service Award” to an individual who has demonstrated courage and selflessness in the face of trials. Guests will be invited to donate to provide trauma healing for combat veterans and first responders.

Tuesday, Sept 10 – Encouragement Day

The best way to honor the fallen is to serve those who are 
still with us. On Encouragement Tuesday, you’re invited to join thousands of Clarksvillian in writing notes of encouragement to military and first responder families in our community. These notes will be distributed to REBOOT combat trauma and first responder healing course participants to let them know they aren’t forgotten or alone. You may not know their names, but you can offer hope and show them you care with just a few supportive words. Get your whole company, church, or neighborhood involved!



Old Glory Distillery

451 Alfred Thun Rd, Clarksville, TN


Doors Open at 10:30 AM
Lunch at 11:00 AM

Sign up as an Honor Week sponsor and show your support for those who make Nashville a safe place to live, work, and play. Click below to download our sponsorship brochure.

Army Ranger Steven Elliott pulled the trigger, believing he and his fellow soldiers were firing on the enemy, when in fact, their “friendly fire” shot and killed American hero Pat Tillman. As it does for so many others, the war followed Elliott home. He’ll share the stories of the events as they unfolded, the media backlash following Tillman’s death and his personal battle with PTSD. His edge-of-your-seat story will captivate, inspire and motivate you to lead with courage, faith and honor.


Author of WAR STORY


All funds raised will benefit REBOOT Recovery. With over 6,000 graduates spanning 33 states and seven countries since 2011, REBOOT’s trauma healing courses are bringing hope and restoration to military and first responder families nationwide.